Stratton Deanery
Nth Cornwall

Stratton Deanery Prayer
O generous God, you invite your people

to discover the Kingdom and grow the church;

give us, then, the courage, the strength and the vision
to share in the mission and ministry of your Son
that with the Lord of the Church we may be, truly,
the Church of the Lord. Amen

written by Revd. Canon Rob Dickenson

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Welcome to Stratton Deanery

North Cornwall is a truly glorious place, and it’s a privilege to live and work here – on the edge of everything. Where rugged cliffs encounter dramatic Atlantic breakers. Where Cornwall meets England. And where the Gospel is tested in people’s everyday lives.

Our 23 churches (across 18 parishes) are mainly small, rural, struggling for cash – and in good heart. Financial pressures mean that clergy are thin on the ground – but the dedication of their congregations mean that the churches are hives of activity.

View from the Rectory - Easter 2021

Dear Friends,

We all know why the tomb was empty! Mary Magdalene, Peter, John and the other Mary didn’t.  They were still living with the awful memory of Good Friday, the day when their world came to a
stop. Then little by little the dawning reality of what had happened filtered into their minds.

Jesus had risen from the dead!

The Easter experience dramatically changed the lives of those first disciples, for them nothing would ever be the same again. From then on, they live in a new freedom, which only the resurrection could bring. As the resurrection experience permeated throughout their lives, so it should with us. It should affect our worship, our prayers and our actions. Our whole Christian faith is based on the resurrection experience. It is through this experience that we will
be able to see more clearly God’s will for ourselves and for his Church.

Therefore, this Easter let us not be afraid to rejoice and thank God for the gift of eternal life he

has given us through his Son Jesus Christ.

Some of our churches will be open on Easter day, come and join with us as we give thanks for the great and glorious feast of Easter.

Wishing you a happy and joyous Easter.

David Barnes

(Rural Dean)