St. Merteriana

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PCC Secretary
Sue Viner

There has been a religious foundation on this site since about 500AD when a small monastery was founded by the Holy Well which was thought to give healing.

Very little of the original church remains, but recent research by historians tell us that the very first stone building was probably the size of the Chancel and Sanctuary with a small door in the North wall (if you go outside the building you can see the base of this door in the wall) and would have had the remains of the saint interned just under where the Vicars Stall now sits. (The top of this tomb is on the floor besides the font as you enter the church on your left hand side).

The next building of the church dates to about 1150 and is thought to have been built by William de Bottreaus, Lord of the Manor, this building was restored in 1507 and a south aisle added, the porch rebuilt and the upper part of the tower was added.

Unfortunately like so many Cornish churches by the 19th century the church had become very dilapidated, so much so that the 1869 the roof collapsed. The church was then virtually rebuilt in two years by J P St Aubyn.

All that now remains of the ancient fabric are a few special pieces: The Norman Font, a few carved bench ends which are now to be seen reused as the Credence Table, some lovely monuments and the window to the left hand side of the Altar is thought to be 13th century. There is also a very strange carving on the outside of the tower of a pair of scissors (nobody seems to know why this is here???)

The grounds of the church have been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the grass in only cut twice a year – it is really worth coming to see the snow drops, daffodils, blue bells and wild garlic in the early part of the year.

Minster Church has been linked with Forrabury since 1779, and it is thought that this is the oldest joint Parish in the County.