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St. Denis

Celia Langley
Tel: 01840 261396

Michael Titchin
Tel: 01840 213329

Safeguarding Co-ordinator:
Carol Williams
Tel: 01840 211094

Revd Heather Aston
Tel: 01840 250359

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Sadly this church was rebuilt in Victorian times and very little remains of the original structure apart from the lovely columns that hold up the roof, and the three fonts, two of which have been reclaimed by the church over the years.(Sadly damaged).

Otterham however does offer an oasis of calm in a busy world, and is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the presence of God.

The two large chairs and small cupboard at the back of church are rumoured to be made up of the original screen that was removed in Victorian times, and the roof has a Green Man where the Nave joins the Chancel. Part of the original screen is also on display above the War Memorial on the North wall.

There is some lovely old memorials in the church, the best though being in the tower where the mason had lots of fun by adding smiling faces to all the loops and curls in the fancy lettering.

Recently the bells at Otterham have been restored and augmented from three medieval bells to six in total. The tower is now in much demand by ringers for its fine set of bells, and the ease of ringing.

(Rural Dean)
Revd. David Barnes
The Rectory
The Glebe
Week St Mary
Devon  EX22 6UY



01288 341670